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Getting An Example Of Qualitative Research Proposal Paper

The students who are asked to write qualitative research proposal should attend a number of lectures, study various case studies and think minutely on the discussions carried by previous scholarly students. They should look at several examples and follow the best disciplinary approach.

Furthermore, following points should be significant part of an example essay-

Format: They should pay eminent focus on its format. If the instructor has already given the instructional guidelines, they should go through it thoroughly. The example should begin with the ‘Title and author’s page’, the name of the researchers, its affiliations, date of proposal etc. Followed by it, Table of contents and Acronyms /Abbreviations section should be there.

Introduction of the topic:

Problem statement: It should begin with a brief explanation of the nature of problem, intensity of the issue in terms who is getting affected, where and when the incidence took place, what were its grave consequences etc.

Rationale: Why the topic originated. Highlight its significance. Moreover, offer a concise account of the issue on which the study was conducted. Tell why further investigation is required.

Significance: The example should describe the information and its outcome and its relevance in the existing scenario.

Objectives: Check if the example is highlighting the general and specific objectives. List all the objectives in the form of statement and compare them. The example should draw a hypothesis between variables while differentiating between the groups in case of analytical or experimental studies.

Literature Review: Analyze whether the Literature Review is an altogether different section or is part of the problem in hand. The example of qualitative proposal should deal with an extensive, systematic and critical review.

The Research paper proposal should encompass following items in it-

Study design: The example should state whether it is observation based study or is an intervention based study. Observation based study should be descriptive in nature. It could be an analytical study that employs cross sectional, cohort or case control methods. However, randomized method and treatment allocation methods are employed in case of intervention study.

Study area: Analyze if the writer has described geographical area of the place in terms of location, climate, socio demographic areas, cultural characteristics of the people, their health status etc.

Study population and its sampling: Age, sex, place and condition are some of the criteria required for a justified sample size.

Measurement instrument: Interview guide, checklist, questionnaire, data collection form etc describes the validity and reliability of the instrument.

Apart from that, analyze if the example plans for data collection as in who collected the data. Furthermore, ethical considerations, strengths and limitations of study etc should be part of a qualitative thesis.