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Crafting A Winning Research Paper About Drunk Driving

When crafting a winning research paper about drunk driving, vital matters to be reviewed include the available data on the scourge, the fatality count, the likely grounds for occurrence, the effect of existing fines and the age of offenders.

Existing Fines for DUI

There are current penalties for DUI, and it is collected by law enforcement agencies. A research paper needs to evaluate the effect of existing fines on offenders and whether raising the rates will be an effective deterrence. Many people operate under different levels of intoxication, and when they drive, they seldom believe they are intoxicated. Evaluating this further will require that additional surveys be conducted to arrive at the how effective drivers feel DUI fines are as a deterrent against drunk driving.

The Likely Grounds

Existing records seem to suggest that holidays and weekends record the highest incidence of DUI. Since the parameters for determining whether a person is drunk or not is scientific and not by sleight of hand, it is easy to establish data with some veracity. In the state of Kentucky, a blood test result that shows alcohol content above .08 warrants a DUI charge. Interface with law enforcement will be helpful as their records can be useful for research purpose.

The Fatality Count

A winning research paper about drunk driving has to show the fatality count associated with DUI. Effort should be made to highlight the total crashes recorded and the percentage that can be attributed to drunk driving. In the same vein, the count should be stratified to show the proportion of women and young adults. A comparison should be made of deaths from DUI related crashes as against other incidences.

The Age of Offenders

Whenever demography is highlighted in any research effort, it provides vital insight that can be used to mitigate the incidences. For example, highlighting the percentage of young adults arrested for drunk driving in relation to the total count will be pivotal to identifying the underlying basis. The aforementioned can be further traced to binge drinking, unstable relationships or raging hormones. There is no doubt that willpower gets reinforced with alcohol consumption, and drivers are wont to be more daring while drunk. Young adults are prone to this scourge.

Research papers serve a worthwhile purpose in the society and provide insights that can be used for further studies and decision-making. Winning research papers about drunk driving should have the elements highlighted above.