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Crafting A Top-Grade Research Paper On Technical Analysis

A research paper can be ideally defined as a paper written by gathering information to answer certain questions, which eventually generates a solution to several issues or problems. And when the research paper is on technical analysis of a topic, the writer needs to be careful of few factors that not only govern the scheme of the paper but also affect the inference that the scholar or writer is working so hard on to bring about the best analysis. There are certain points you might want to keep in your mind while dealing with papers on technical analysis, they are:

  1. Know your readers well- it is a fact that the paper you write will be ultimately evaluated and read by scholars or your advisors but you need to understand your audience as well. Remember the solution you talk about or the analysis you have come up with is for the larger audience. If your paper has invented a better method to translate a string of words from an unknown language to a known one, then the result will be tested by larger mass of people rather than the handful in the team that had evaluated your paper.
  2. Narrow down your topic and define it carefully- in a technical paper, you cannot afford to keep a broad topic. This move will leave you in soup. While writing a technical paper, you would be struggling with a large number of data and if you keep a broad topic, you might lose a lot of your time in the literature review.
  3. Follow a strategy while transitioning from a question to a problem statement- firstly, give a title to your topic, followed by a brief statement or understanding of the topic. Secondly, write your indirect question and then explain the conditions of your problem with that question. And finally, justify your answer and how it is helpful in understanding something really valuable.
  4. Design your paper- never forget to organize your paper in the form of a research paper format, the framework must begin with title, followed by abstract, introduction, background, methodology, discussion, conclusion and references.
  5. Importance of the Appendix or Miscellaneous section- using a lot of tables is not unusual in technical research papers, but sometimes there are too many to fit in the main research paper. In that case, maintaining an appendix is a great idea to explain what was left out.

Technical analysis could be challenging but these golden guidelines would make your work a lot easier.