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5 Fascinating Facts to Include in Your Research Paper about Internet vs Library

The type of information that you need for your research paper determines whether you will log on to internet sites or visit you school library. Internet is very easy and gives quick information in a matter of seconds but you do not want to put internet as the only source of information at your reference page. To produce credible research, you will need a vast array of resources like journals, books, websites, archived libraries, and news materials. Writing a research project on internet versus library will require you to come up with great information sources.

You realize you will be writing a compare and contrast paper. Here are some useful points to consider.

  1. An organized outline
    Check out this example of library research paper outline.
    • Abstract
      Chapter 1: Introduction
      I. Thesis statement
      II. Objectives of the study
      III. Significance of the study
      Chapter 2: Related literature
      I. Library use by university students
      II. Internet use by students
      III. Trends in library and internet use
      Chapter 3: Methodology
      I. Population
      II. Sampling techniques
      III. Data collection methods
      IV. Questionnaires
      V. Data presentation and analysis
      Chapter 4: Results
      I. Respondents
      II. Age and gender
      III. Sources of information
      Chapter 5: Discussions
      I. An overview of results
      II. Limitations of the study
      III. Conclusions
    • Acknowledgements
  2. The internet doesn’t have everything
    In your research paper library, explain that millions of webpages on the internet cannot give students 100% relevant information. Scholarly journals for example are very few on the web. It doesn’t matter what search engine you are using, you cannot search the whole internet. In addition, very few websites get updated on regular basis. You might find yourself wasting a lot of time and never get relevant data. To ensure that your paper is not biased, cite difference authors, articles, and more sources. You have to find updated information from experts to support your claims and facts.
  3. Library fees
    School libraries don’t operate for free. You pay for library use in your tuition fees hence you need to reap benefits from that. In the library, you will find resources you cannot get on the internet like from encyclopedias, scholarly books and journals. You will also benefit from library assistants to help you get better sources.
  4. Internet sources re difficult to identify
    You can get full-text articles but then they may not have everything you require for research e.g. figures, footnotes, and formulas.
  5. Online library resources are available any time
    The internet is accessible any time of the day, seasons, and all days of the week.

You can check here to find library databases.