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In Quest of the Top-Notch Research Paper Sample on Domestic Violence

This is a very controversial topic for research and would capture the attention of the reader if outlined strategically. Here is an example of an outline for a domestic violence research paper.

  1. Introduction.
  2. History of domestic violence.
  3. Types of domestic violence.
    • sexual abuse
    • cheating on spouses
    • physical battles
    • stalking
    • psychopathy
  4. Myths and facts.
  5. Legislation of intimate violence.
    • special courts
    • effects of litigations
  6. Prevalence and cycles.
  7. Gender roles.
  8. Conclusion.

Sample research paper domestic violence

  1. A case study on how parent fights affect children.
    In such a project example, you have an opportunity to present a case where kids have seen their mothers being beaten by fathers or vice versa. Go ahead and explain the psychological impacts and behavioral changes that occur to such children. Many times, this type of abuse brings a cycle of effects such as the daughters of the fighting parents opting to stay single for the rest of their lies or the sons resorting to being violent on female partners. Explain all the possibilities and offer practical solutions.
  2. Counseling techniques for victims of spousal abuse.
    Explore how the victims find comfort in the arms of therapists and counselors. Provide more insights on how the approaches can be improved. In your domestic violence introduction research paper, outline modern rehabilitative approaches and their benefits. Don’t forget to give the drawbacks of some methods in the discussion section and solutions to them.
  3. Why women remain in marriage even after being battled.
    You can pose a question like why women take so long before escaping from an abusive husband. Of course there are many answers to this and they will form the bases of your paper. Give the psychological reasons and give solutions to women.
  4. Personalities determines peace in marriage.
    Particular characters are more likely to provoke violence than others. Perhaps a wife was brought up in a poor socio-economic background and the husbands in a different setting. This causes a difference in their characters hence differences. Explain the various concepts and ways of mitigating such differences.
  5. A comparison between abused men and women in marriages.
    Explain the double standards and their justifications. Give examples and solutions.