Emergency Guaranteed Ride Home Program


The program provides a free, emergency ride home to commuters who are committed to using alternative transportation. To be eligible for this service, employees must register with Commute Alternatives and commute to work some way other than driving alone at least one day per week.


Commuter Choice Programs


IRS offers tax benefits that commuters and employers can take advantage of.  Commuters can get great tax-free commute benefits and employers can increase their benefit packages while reducing their payroll taxes. 


Park & Ride Lots


Park-and-Ride Lots serve as convenient pick-up points for your carpool, vanpool, or bus. You can contact us to learn about the location of Park & Ride Lots in the Monterey Bay region or click here to view the available facilites.


Rideshare Month

Rideshare Month
is an annual statewide initiative for the month of October.  The promotion is designed to increase awareness about the benefits of using sustainable transportation such as carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, bicycling, walking, and telecommuting. Commuters are asked to make a commitment to use a sustainable form of transportation at least one day during Rideshare Week in order to help relieve our congested streets and highways, improve air quality, save energy resources, and reduce commute costs.



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